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R Retro Photoesurrecting the Soda Fountain…An American Institution.
We love nostalgia here at the bakery and we also love ice cream. What else to do but bring back one of Americas finest traditions…the village soda fountain. Soda fountains were once the norm in almost every American town and were a place where tired shoppers stopped for coffee, workers grabbed a bite for lunch and teenagers hung out after school drinking root beer floats and blowing straw wrappers at one another. We have brought back that same neighborhood gathering spot right here at Mckinney and Doyle.

After months and months of searching, an old fountain was discovered in an abandoned warehouse in western Pennsylvania. We brought the fountain to Hershey's Ice Cream FlavorsPawling to clean it up and see what it would take to get it going again. It became clear that a little polish was not going to be enough so we shipped our new foundIcecream Soda treasure out to Chicago to be lovingly restored by Phil and Terry Schy at the American Soda Fountain Company. Several months later our baby arrived with every component rebuilt, restored and its stainless steel shell gleaming like the day it was built in 1952.

Chrissy Schurr, our bakery manager took over and researched all Banana Splitthe classic recipes for homemade sodas, ice cream floats, egg creams, malts and sundaes and has recreated what the old fashioned soda fountain is all about. As you might guess, all of our syrups, sweet sauces and whipped cream are homemade right in our shop and our silky smooth ice cream is made especially for us by the famous Hersheys Ice Cream Company. Local Artist Marlena DeCarmine hand painted our huge Coca Cola sign as if it had Icecream Sodabeen here for 100 years.

These days, standardization has run amuck in fast food outlets and major chain stores look exactly alike and carry the same tired merchandise. Our Soda fountain conjures up memories of the corner drug store and reminds us of another era when main Street USA was alive and well. In 1919, there were more than 126,000 soda fountains in the United States alone. Today there are less than 100. Step back in time and help us keep this wonderful American Institution alive.


Soda Fountain

hot beverages

Coffee (regular/decaf) • small $1.50 • large $2.00
Flavored Coffee • small $2.00 • large $2.50
Hot Tea • small $1.50 • large $2.00
Chai Latte • small $3.00 • large $4.50
Hot Choclate • small $3.50 • large $4.50
our homemade blend of milk, heavy cream & premium belgian chocolate,
whipped cream optional


espresso bar

Espresso • small $1.85 • large $2.85
Americano • small $1.85 • large $2.85
Cappuccino $3.35 • large $4.35
espresso & steamed milk
Specialty Lattes • small $4.25 • large $4.90
Nutty Professor – almond & hazelnut
Turtle Brownie – chocolate, carmel & hazelnut
Toasted Almond – almond & irish cream
Mocha – chocolate

almond milk – add $1.00 for small and $1.50 for large

ice cream

vanilla • chocolate • strawberry • coffee
butter pecan • cookie dough • lemon sherbet

single scoop • $3.75
double scoop • $4.75


chocolate sprinkles • 50¢
m&m's • oreo cookie pieces • crushed butterfinger bars • 75¢ each

shakes & such

classic milkshake • $5.50
vanilla chocolate strawberry
coffee butter pecan cookie dough
lemon sherbet

malted milkshake • $6.00
any flavor shake with
malted milk powder added

coffee shake • $6.00
vanilla ice cream blended with our "secret recipe" coffee shake mix

ice cream "yip" • $5.00
silly name, delicious drink
vanilla ice cream blended with your choice of flavored syrup & seltzer,
for a lighter alternative to a classic shake

soda fountain specialties

brooklyn egg cream • $2.50
the original egg cream
chocolate syrup & milk topped off with seltzer

vanilla egg cream • $3.25
homemade vanilla bean syrup & milk topped off with seltzer

ice cream soda [aka "float"] • $5.00
your choice of old-fashioned soda topped with a scoop of ice cream

frozen lemonade • $5.00
lemonade blended with ice to create a frosty, sweet treat

cold beverages

old-fashioned soda • $2.50
cola, lime, orange, blue raspberry, root beer, cream soda, grape, or black cherry

fresh-squeezed lemonade • $3.00
homemade with fresh lemon juice

iced coffee or iced tea • $2.00

arnold palmer • $2.50
half fresh-squeezed lemonade, half house-brewed iced tea

red raspberry iced tea • $2.50
an iced green tea with the natural flavor of antioxidant-rich goji berries

cranberry iced tea • $2.50
our house-brewed iced tea mixed with cranberry juice


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